Living in Moscow, this huge metropolis and working from morning to night, not enough emotional communication, so start to accumulate a sense of joy. Definitely need something light to go.

Despite the constant lack of time, I do online training of painting. In this dream, of course, to write from life.

Why did you decide to do

It was spontaneous, I can't say exactly what contributed to this. Probably a state of mind. I wanted to make a gift for mom, and so was born my first painting "Flowers". Followed by a series. And then mom left, and now always in the flowers I see her.

How ideas are born

Almost everything that I create is a frozen moment captured in the photo, and moved me to the canvas. To make copies, as I was taught academic drawing, I'm not really interested.

Deviation from the rules of academic drawing

Of course, I understand the principle, measurable by inches, as a scheme to draw geometric frame pattern. But I prefer to act on the intuitive feeling. In my opinion, the main uncertainty in any work of art, whether painting, music, film – to give people to invent, to experience their own emotions, looking at the generated picture.

About the artist E.Gromova